09 May

Public Lecture- Pt 2 – Prof. Angus Bell, “Antimalarial therapy: an arms race between humans and parasites.”

Talks_Pt 2_Angus


Following a successful turnout for part 1 of our series of public lectures with Dr. Kenny at the Malaria Museum Dublin, we are excited to inform you about part 2.  

Prof. Gus Bell, will speak about ‘Antimalarial therapy: an arms race between humans and parasites’ at the Tropical Medical Bureau, at 18.30 on Mon. 12th May.  All times will be listed on our website and Facebook page.

“Antimalarial therapy: an arms race between humans and parasites.”

We are currently witnessing a drive to make malaria the second infectious disease of humans to be wiped off the face of the planet (the first was smallpox).  Antimalarial drugs will be important weapons in this eradication campaign.  But with drug-resistant parasites continuing to emerge and spread over the globe, we have to fight hard even to stand still in this war against malaria.  We need new drugs – but where are they going to come from?
Gus Bell is an Associate Professor of Microbiology at Trinity College Dublin and has worked for almost 25 years in malaria research.


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